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  • Damage evolution in open-hole laminated composite plates subjected to in-plane loads 

    Moure, M. M.; Otero Gruer, Fermín Enrique; Garcia Castillo, S. K.; Sanchez Saez, S.; Barbero, E; Barbero, Ever (2015-12-01)
    Open Access
    Damage evolution of notched composite laminates is analysed in this work using a discrete damage model, which estimates matrix damage evolution and fibre failure. The fibre damage is regularised with a Weibull distribution, ...
  • Numerical analysis of interlaminar stresses in open-hole laminates under compression 

    Solis, A.; Sanchez Saez, S.; Martínez García, Javier; Barbero Pozuelo, Enrique (2019-06-01)
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    In this paper, the interlaminar stresses in open-hole laminates subjected to compressive loads are analysed using a numerical model. This model implements the Serial/Parallel Mixing Theory (S/PMT) and a Continuum Damage ...