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    • Solvent-Aided crystallization for biodiesel purification 

      Hernández Yáñez, Eduard; Samsuri, Shafirah; Li Jian, Ngiam; Jusoh, Farah Wahida; Yahya, Noor Wahida (2019-12-30)
      Open Access
      The application of solvent-aided crystallization (SAC) is based on the addition ofa solvent, here 1-butanol, to crude biodiesel to catalyze the purification process byseparating biodiesel from contaminants via crystallization ...
    • Two strategies for freeze desalination of seawater by progressive and block techniques 

      Hernández Yáñez, Eduard; Blanco Abellán, Mónica; Pazmiño, Natalie Valeria; Raventós Santamaria, Mercè; Samsuri, Shafirah; Ruiz Pardo, Ruth Yolanda; Moreno Moreno, Fabián Leonardo; Rich, Anouar (2021-03)
      Restricted access - author's decision
      This work is focused on the study of desalination of salt solutions (as a simulation of seawater fluid) through progressive stirred freeze concentration (PSFC) and block freeze concentration (BFC). The first strategy studies ...