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    • Characterization of the performance of a minibubble generator in conditions relevant to microgravity 

      Arias Calderón, Santiago; González Cinca, Ricardo; Ruiz, X; Ramírez de la Piscina Millán, Laureano; Casademunt, Jaume (2010-08-05)
      Open Access
      We perform a characterization of a recently reported minibubbles (bubbles with a diameter of the order of 10‐3 m) generator in microgravity related conditions. Generation of bubbles is based on the generation of a slug ...
    • Experimental study of a microchannel bubble injector for microgravity applications 

      Arias Calderón, Santiago; Ruiz, X; Casademunt Viader, Jaume; Ramírez de la Piscina Millán, Laureano; González Cinca, Ricardo (2009-01)
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      We perform a quantitative characterization of a microbubble injector in conditions relevant to microgravity. The injector pregenerates a slug flow by using a capillary T-junction, whose operation is robust to changes in ...