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    • Compressive strength estimation of sprayed concrete at early ages 

      Galobardes Reyes, Isaac; Domingues de Figueiredo, Antonio; Pialarissi Cavalaro, Sergio Henrique; García Vicente, Tomàs; Rueda, Angel; Pérez, Jorge (2013)
      Conference report
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      The sprayed concrete complies a construction technique that combines the placement and the compacting of concrete in only one process. This sort of concrete, which is widely used in underground constructions, requires a ...
    • Evaluation of concrete-steel bond strength in wet mix sprayed concrete 

      García Vicente, Tomàs; Pialarissi Cavalaro, Sergio Henrique; Pérez Cacho, Jorge; Rueda, Angel; Domingues de Figueiredo, Antonio (2014)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      The high performance obtained in wet mix sprayed concrete has extended the field of applications of this technique. In some of these applications, such as in diaphragm walls or bridge rehabilitation, the structure may be ...