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    • Agent-based simulation of Holocene monsoon precipitation patterns and hunter-gatherer population dynamics in semi-arid environments 

      Balbo, Andrea L.; Rubio Campillo, Xavier; Rondelli, Bernardo; Ramirez, M. J.; Lancelotti, Carla; Torrano, Alexis; Salpeteur, Matthieu; Lipovetzky, Nir; Reyes Garcia, Victoria; Montañola Sales, Cristina; Madella, Marco (2014-06)
      Open Access
      Based on archaeological evidence from Kutch-Saurashtra (N Gujarat, NW India), we use agent-based modelling (ABM) to explore the persistence of hunter-gatherer (HG) groups in semi-arid environments in the mid and late ...
    • Large-scale social simulation, dealing with complexity challenges in high performance environments 

      Montañola Sales, Cristina; Rubio Campillo, Xavier; Casanovas Garcia, Josep; Cela Espín, José M.; Kaplan Marcusan, Adriana (IGI Global Inc, 2014-04-01)
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      Advances on information technology in the past decades have provided new tools to assist scientists in the study of social and natural phenomena. Agent-based modeling techniques have flourished recently, encouraging the ...
    • Overview on agent-based social modelling and the use of formal languages 

      Montañola Sales, Cristina; Cela Espín, José M.; Rubio Campillo, Xavier; Casanovas Garcia, Josep; Kaplan Marcusan, Adriana (IGI Global, 2013-07)
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      Open Access
      Transdisciplinary Models and Applications investigates a variety of programming languages used in validating and verifying models in order to assist in their eventual implementation. This book will explore different methods ...