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    • A decision support tool using order weighted averaging for conference review assignment 

      Nguyen, Jennifer; Sánchez Hernández, Germán; Agell Jané, Núria; Rovira Llobera, Xari; Angulo Bahón, Cecilio (Elsevier, 2017-01-01)
      Open Access
      Assigning papers to reviewers is a large, long and difficult task for conference chairs and scientific committees. The paper reviewer assignment problem is a multi-agent problem which requires understanding reviewer expertise ...
    • A measure of perceived performance to assess resource allocation 

      Sayeras, Josep M.; Agell, Nuria; Rovira Llobera, Xari; Sánchez Soler, Monica; Dawson, John A. (Springer, 2016-08-01)
      Open Access
      Performance measurement is a key issue when a company is designing new strategies to improve resource allocation. This paper offers a new methodology inspired by classic importance-performance analysis (IPA) that provides ...
    • Promoting consensus in the concept mapping methodology: an application in the hospitality sector 

      Fornell, Albert; Rodrigo, Zaida; Rovira Llobera, Xari; Sánchez Soler, Monica; Santoma, Ricard; Teixidor Navarro, Francesc; Golobardes Ribé, Elisabet (2015-12-01)
      Open Access
      The concept mapping methodology aims to respond to the non trivial task of conceptualising abstract thoughts by means of a focus group composed by experts from the studied domain. The approach defines a set of general steps ...
    • Using qualitative reasoning to evaluate performance: an application in the retail sector 

      Rovira Llobera, Xari; Agell Jané, Núria; Sayeras, Josep M.; Sánchez Soler, Monica (2016)
      Conference lecture
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      This paper offers a new method inspired by classic importance-performance analysis (IPA) that provides a global index of importance versus performance for firms together with a new version of the IPA diagram. The index ...