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  • Element-Resolved Corrosion Analysis of Stainless-Type Glass-Forming Steels 

    Duarte, Maria Jazmin; Klemm, J.; Klemm, S.O.; Mayrhofer, K. J. J.; Stratmann, M.; Borodin, S.; Romero, A.H.; Madinehei, Seyed Milad; Crespo Artiaga, Daniel; Serrano, J.; Gerstl, S. S. A.; Choi, Pyuck-Pa; Raabe, D.; Renner, Frank U. (2013-07-26)
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    Ultrathin passive films effectively prevent the chemical attack of stainless steel grades in corrosive environments; their stability depends on the interplay between structure and chemistry of the constituents iron, chromium, ...
  • InN thin film lattice dynamics by grazing incidence inelastic x-ray scattering 

    Kuball, M.; Serrano Gutiérrez, Jorge; Bosak, A.; Krisch, M.; Manjon, F. J.; Romero, A.H.; Garro, N.; Wang, Xuan; Yoshikawa, A. (2011-05-19)
    Open Access
    Achieving comprehensive information on thin film lattice dynamics so far has eluded well established spectroscopic techniques. We demonstrate here the novel application of grazing incidence inelastic x-ray scattering ...