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    • New chemical profiles for the asteroseismolofy of ZZ Ceti stars 

      Althaus, Leandro Gabriel; Córsico, Alejandro Hugo; Bischoff-Kim, A.; Romero, A.D.; Renedo Rouco, Isabel; García-Berro Montilla, Enrique; Miller Bertolami, Marcelo M (2010-07-10)
      Open Access
      We compute new chemical profiles for the core and envelope of white dwarfs appropriate for pulsational studies of ZZ Ceti stars. These profiles are extracted from the complete evolution of progenitor stars, evolved through ...
    • New cooling sequences for old white dwarfs 

      Renedo Rouco, Isabel; Althaus, Leandro Gabriel; Miller Bertolami, Marcelo M; Romero, A.D.; Córsico, Alejandro Hugo; Rohrmann, Rene Daniel; García-Berro Montilla, Enrique (2010-07)
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      We present full evolutionary calculations appropriate for the study of hydrogen-rich DA white dwarfs. This is done by evolving white dwarf progenitors from the zero-age main sequence, through the core hydrogen-burning phase, ...