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    • Analysis of the physicochemical and mineralogical properties of the materials used in the preparation of recoblocks 

      Rojas Valencia, María Neftalí; Gómez Soberón, José Manuel Vicente; López López, José Alberto; Fernández-Rojas, Denise Yeazul; Vaca-Mier, Mabel (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2020-08-01)
      Open Access
      The construction sector generates 14,000 t/d of construction waste in Mexico City, these materials do not have real applications and end up accumulating in landfills. This work, the objective of which was to analyze the ...
    • Construction wastes used for manufacturing RA-bricks 

      Aguilar Penagos, Armando; López, Alberto; Gómez Soberón, José Manuel Vicente; Rojas Valencia, María Neftalí (2017)
      Conference lecture
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      In the Mexican republic, around 33.600 tons of construction wastes are generated every day, Mexico City contributing for around 7.000 tons/day, with fewer than 1.000 tons/ day being sent to be recycled. This study ...
    • Physicochemical, mineralogical and microscopic evaluation of sustainable bricks manufactured with construction wastes 

      Aguilar Penagos, Armando; Gómez Soberón, José Manuel Vicente; Rojas Valencia, María Neftalí (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2017-09-30)
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      At an international level, enormous volumes of construction and demolition wastes are generated: 170 million tons/year in the USA, 500 million tons/year in the European Union (EU) and 12 million tons/year in Mexico. ...