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    • Guest Editorial 

      Teodorescu, Remus; Sauter, Thilo; Rodríguez Cortés, Pedro; Rodriguez, José; Palensky, Peter; Nasiri, Adel; Kupzog, Friederich; Liserre, M.; Balcells Sendra, Josep; Basso, Thomas; Bialasiewicz, Jan T.; Cecati, Carlo; Chakraborty, Sudipta; Guerrero Zapata, Josep Maria; Kazerani, Mehrdad (IEEE Press. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2011)
      Open Access
    • Multilevel direct power control-A generalized approach for grid-tied multilevel converter applications 

      Rivera, Sebastian; Kouro, Samir; Wu, Bin; Alepuz Menéndez, Salvador; Malinowski, Mariusz; Cortés, Patricio; Rodriguez, José (2014-10-01)
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      This paper presents a generalized multilevel direct power control (ML-DPC) scheme for grid-connected multilevel power converters. The proposed method extends the original DPC operating principle by considering only the ...