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    • Machine learning methods in electronic nose analysis 

      Rodriguez Lujan, Irene; Fonollosa Magrinyà, Jordi; Huerta, Ramon (2016)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      The main existent tool to monitor chemical environ- ments in a continuous mode is gas sensor arrays, which have been popularized as electronic noses (enoses). To design and validate these monitoring systems, it ...
    • Online decorrelation of humidity and temperature in chemical sensors for continuous monitoring 

      Huerta, Ramon; Mosqueiro, Thiago; Fonollosa Magrinyà, Jordi; Rulkov, Nikolai; Rodriguez Lujan, Irene (2016-07-15)
      Open Access
      A method for online decorrelation of chemical sensor signals from the effects of environmental humidity and temperature variations is proposed. The goal is to improve the accuracy of electronic nose measurements for ...