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    • Combining fiber optic DTS, cross-hole ERT and time-lapse induction logging to characterize and monitor a coastal aquifer 

      Folch Sancho, Albert; Val Alonso, Laura del; Luquot, Linda; Martínez Pérez, Laura; Bellmunt, F.; Le Lay, Hugo; Rodellas, Valentí; Ferrer Ramos, Nuria; Palacios Pierluissi, Andrea Viviana; Marazuela Calvo, Miguel Ángel; Diego Feliu, Marc; Pool Ramírez, Maria; Goyetche, Tybaud; Ledo, J.; Pezard, Philipe; Bour, Olivier; Queralt, P.; Marcuello, A.; Garcia Orellana, Jordi; Saaltink, Maarten Willem; Vázquez Suñé, Enric; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús (Elsevier, 2020-09)
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      The characterization of saline water intrusion (SWI) and its hydrodynamics is a key issue to understand submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) and manage groundwater resources in coastal areas. To test and compare different ...
    • Constraining the temporal variations of Ra isotopes and Rn in the groundwater end-member: implications for derived SGD estimates 

      Cerdà Domènech, Marc; Rodellas, Valentí; Folch Sancho, Albert; Garcia Orellana, Jordi (2017-10)
      Open Access
      Submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) has been recognized as an important supplier of chemical compounds to the ocean that may influence coastal geochemical cycles. Radium isotopes (223Ra, 224Ra, 226Ra,228Ra) and radon ...