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    • ICRH physics and technology achievements in JET-ILW 

      Jacquet, P.; van Eester, D.; Lerche, E.; Bobkov, V.; Blackman, T.; Colas, L.; Challis, C.; Czarnecka, A.; Dumortier, P.; Frigione, D.; Durodié, F.; Garzotti, L.; Goniche, M.; Graves, J.; Kazakov, Y.; Kirov, K.; Klepper, C.C.; Krawczyk, N.; Krivska, A.; Mantsinen, Mervi; Monakhov, I.; Nunes, I.; Ongena, J.; Reinke, M.; Rimini, F.; Zhang, W.; JET Contributors (EDP Sciences, 2017-10-23)
      Open Access
      ICRH was extensively used in the 2015-16 JET-ILW (ITER like wall) experimental campaign; bulk heating together with high-Z impurity chase-out from plasma centre importantly contributed to the good DD fusion performance ...
    • RF heating for fusion product studies 

      Hellsten, T.; Johnson, T.; Sharapov, S.E.; Kiptily, V.; Eriksson, J.; Mantsinen, M.; Schneider, M.; Rimini, F.; Tsalas, M. (AIP, 2015-12-10)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      Third harmonic cyclotron heating is an effective tool for accelerating deuterium (D) beams to the MeV energy range, suitable for studying ITER relevant fast particle physics in plasmas without significant tritium content. ...