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  • A hybrid system for patent translation 

    Enache, Ramona; España Bonet, Cristina; Ranta, Aarne; Màrquez Villodre, Lluís (2012)
    Conference lecture
    Open Access
    This work presents a HMT system for patent translation. The system exploits the high coverage of SMT and the high precision of an RBMT system based on GF to deal with specific issues of the language. The translator is ...
  • MT techniques in a retrieval system of semantically enriched patents 

    González Bermúdez, Meritxell; Mateva, Maria; Enache, Ramona; España Bonet, Cristina; Màrquez Villodre, Lluís; Popov, Borislav; Ranta, Aarne (2013)
    Conference lecture
    Open Access
    This paper focuses on how automatic translation techniques integrated in a patent retrieval system increase its capabilities and make possible extended features and functionalities. We describe 1) a novel methodology ...
  • Patent translation within the MOLTO project 

    España Bonet, Cristina; Enache, Ramona; Slaski, Adam; Ranta, Aarne; Màrquez Villodre, Lluís; González Bermúdez, Meritxell (2011)
    Conference lecture
    Open Access
    MOLTO is an FP7 European project whose goal is to translate texts between multiple languages in real time with high quality. Patents translation is a case of study where research is focused on simultaneously obtaining a ...
  • Using GF in multimodal assistants for mathematics 

    Archambault, Dominique; Caprotti, Olga; Ranta, Aarne; Saludes Closa, Jordi (2012)
    Conference report
    Restricted access - publisher's policy
    In this paper we present an ongoing effort in the computational linguistic field to develop multilingual assistive technologies for mathematics. The approach is based on the Grammatical Framework used in combination with ...