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    • Enhanced efficiency of the second harmonic inhomogeneous component in an opaque cavity 

      Roppo, Vito; Raineri, F.; Raj, R; Sagnes, I.; Trull Silvestre, José Francisco; Vilaseca Alavedra, Ramon; Scalora, M.; Cojocaru, Crina (2011-05-15)
      Open Access
      In this Letter, we experimentally demonstrate the enhancement of the inhomogeneous second harmonic conversion in the opaque region of a GaAs cavity with efficiencies of the order of 0.1% at 612nm, using 3 ps pump pulses ...
    • Phase locked second harmonic etalon localization 

      Roppo, Vito; D'Aguanno, G.; Cojocaru, Crina; Raineri, F.; Trull Silvestre, José Francisco; Vilaseca Alavedra, Ramon; Raj, R; Scalora, M. (2009)
      Conference report
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      During the last decades a phase locking phenomenon has been observed for second harmonic (SH) generation but only recently it was recognized as such in systematic studies. The general solution of the SHG from a linear/nonlinear ...