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    • An energy efficient vertical handover decision algorithm 

      Pons, Xavier (2015-03-26)
      Conference lecture
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      As wireless communications evolve towards heterogeneous networks, mobile terminals have been enabled to handover seamlessly from one network to another. At the same time, the continuous increase in the terminal power ...
    • Optimal energy management system for V2G chargers combined with PV and ESS in a real environment 

      Corchero García, Cristina; Farré, Jordi; Igualada González, Lucía; Pons, Xavier; Sanmartí Cardona, Manel (2019)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      The integration of Electric Vehicles in electricity grids is very likely to pose several challenges to the electrical grid operation and expansion. The potential flexibility of the load associated to the ...
    • Representative taxa in field trials for environmental risk assessment of genetically modified maize 

      Albajes, Ramon; Lumbierres Bardají, Belén; Pons, Xavier; Comas Angelet, Jordi (2013-12)
      Open Access
      When assessing the benefits and risks of transgenic crops, one consideration is their relative effects on non-target arthropod (NTA) abundance and functions within agroecosystems. Several laboratory and field trials have ...