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    • Obtenció, caracterització i fabricació d’una solució gel de goma Guar per a ús oftàlmic 

      Bautista Reverter, Sara (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2008-12)
      Master thesis (pre-Bologna period)
      Open Access
      L’objectiu del projecte és descriure el procés d’obtenció, caracterització i fabricació d’una solució gel de goma Guar per a ús farmacèutic. L’obtenció i caracterització de la fórmula és va dur a terme en els laboratoris ...
    • Polysaccharide-gold nanoparticles as anticancer drugs carriers 

      Vila Gasull, Mireia (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya / Universidade do Porto, 2011)
      Master thesis (pre-Bologna period)
      Open Access
      Recent advances in nanotechnology have offered a wealth of new opportunities for the design of new therapy of cancer creating new drug delivery systems. It has been possible to produce nanoparticles, in particular ...
    • Production, characterization and evaluation of potential cosmetic uses of Arthospira Platensis exopolysaccharides 

      Planas Gisbert, Maria (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya / Università di Roma “La Sapienza”, 2013)
      Bachelor thesis
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      Covenantee:   Università degli studi di Roma "La Sapienza"
      The cosmetic history starts around twelve thousand years ago, when Ancient Egyptians discovered the healing abilities of scented oils. Perfection and beauty have always been goals of all civilizations, in fact, cosmetics ...
    • Textile electrode characterization: Dependencies in the skin-clothing-electrode interface 

      Macías Macías, Raúl; Fernández Chimeno, Mireya; Bragós Bardia, Ramon (IOPScience, 2013)
      Conference report
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      Given the advances in the technology known as smart textiles, the use of textile electrodes is more and more common. However this kind of electrodes presents some differences regarding the standard ones as the Ag-AgCl ...
    • Thermal, electrical, insulation and fire resistance properties of polysaccharide and protein-based aerogels 

      Sánchez Soto, Miguel; Whang, Liang; Abt, Tobias Martin; De la Cruz Jesús, Lucia Guadalupe; Schiraldi, David A. (Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), 2018-08-29)
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      Some of the main properties of polysaccharide and protein-based aerogels are discussed in this chapter. The fundamentals of thermal conductivity governing the insulation properties of these materials are presented and ...
    • Understanding the effects of process parameters in the bioscouring of cotton and their interactions on pectate lyase activity by factorial design analysis 

      Colombi, Bruna Lyra; Martins, Quesli; Imme, Cintia Kopsch; Da Silva, Diofer Barboza; Borges Valle, Jose Alexandre; Andreaus, Jürgen; Lis Arias, Manuel José; Sisqueira Curto Valle, Rita de Cassia (2021-04-01)
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      Pectinases can be used to remove impurities and hydrophobic material from cotton fibers by the degradation of pectic substances. The biochemical characterization and the evaluation of process parameters that influence the ...