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  • A serious game enchancing social tenants' behavioral change towards energy efficiency 

    Casals Casanova, Miquel; Gangolells Solanellas, Marta; Macarulla Martí, Marcel; Vimont, Vincent; Fuertes Casals, Alba; Pinho, Luis Miguel (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2017)
    Conference report
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    The energy consumption of the current building stock represents about 40% of the total final energy consumption in Europe. New gamification techniques may play a significant role in helping users adopt new and more ...
  • ENCOURAGEing results on ICT for energy efficient buildings 

    Le Guilly, Thibaut; Skou, Arne; Olsen, Petur; Madsen, Per Pritz; Albano, Michele; Ferreira, Luis Lino; Pinho, Luis Miguel; Casals Casanova, Miquel; Macarulla Martí, Marcel; Gangolells Solanellas, Marta (IEEE Press, 2016)
    External research report
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    This paper presents how the ICT infrastructure developed in the European ENCOURAGE project, centered around a message oriented middleware, enabled energy savings in buildings and households. The components of the ...
  • Safe Parallelism: Compiler Analysis Techniques for Ada and OpenMP 

    Royuela, Sara; Martorell, Xavier; Quiñones, Eduardo; Pinho, Luis Miguel (Springer Verlag, 2018-05-26)
    Conference lecture
    Open Access
    There is a growing need to support parallel computation in Ada to cope with the performance requirements of the most advanced functionalities of safety-critical systems. In that regard, the use of parallel programming ...