• Meteorological aspects of winter upward lightning from an instrumented tower in the Pyrenees 

    Pineda, Nicolau; Montanya, Joan; Romero Durán, David; Bech, Joan; González Lopez, Sergio (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018)
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    A case study of winter upward lightning is analysed. In particular, the study focuses on the meteorological aspects that favoured the triggering of upward lightning by an instrumented tower in the eastern Pyrenees. Starting ...
  • Study of the total lightning activity in a hailstorm 

    Montañá Puig, Juan; Soula, Serge; Pineda, Nicolau; Van der Velde, Oscar Arnoud; Clapers, Pere; Solà de las Fuentes, Glòria; Bech, Joan; Romero Durán, David (2009)
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    A thunderstorm that developed over northeastern Spain on 16 June 2006 is analyzed. This severe thunderstorm produced hailstones as large as 40 mm and had a lifetime of 3 h and 30 min. Radar cross-sections show strong ...