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    • A Chandrasekhar mass progenitor for the type Ia supernova remnant 3C 397 from the enhanced abundances of nickel and manganese 

      Yamaguchi, H; Badenes Montoliu, Carles; Foster, Adam; Bravo Guil, Eduardo; Williams, Brian; Maeda, Keichi; Nobukawa, Masayoshi; Eriksen, Kristoffer; Brickhouse, Nancy; Petre, Robert; Koyama, Katsuyi (2015-03-12)
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      Despite decades of intense efforts, many fundamental aspects of Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) remain elusive. One of the major open questions is whether the mass of an exploding white dwarf (WD) is close to the Chandrasekhar ...
    • The origin of the iron-rich knot in Tycho's supernova remnant 

      Yamaguchi, H; Hughes, John P.; Badenes Montoliu, Carles; Bravo Guil, Eduardo; Seitenzahl, Ivo R.; Martinez Rodriguez, Hector; Park, Sangwook; Petre, Robert (2017-01-09)
      Open Access
      X-ray observations of supernova remnants (SNRs) allow us to investigate the chemical inhomogeneity of ejecta, offering unique insight into the nucleosynthesis in supernova explosions. Here we present detailed imaging and ...