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    • SPIM-fluid: open source light-sheet based platform for high-throughput imaging 

      Gualda Manzano, Emilio José; Pereira, Hugo; Vale, Tiago; Falcao Estrada, Marta; Brito, Catarina (2015-11-01)
      Open Access
      Light sheet fluorescence microscopy has recently emerged as the technique of choice for obtaining high quality 3D images of whole organisms/embryos with low photodamage and fast acquisition rates. Here we present an ...
    • Three-dimensional imaging flow cytometry through light-sheet fluorescence microscopy 

      Gualda Manzano, Emilio José; Martins, Gabriel G.; Pereira, Hugo; Gardner, Rui; Moreno, Nuno (2017-02)
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      Flow cytometry is the tool of choice for high-speed acquisition and analysis of large cell populations, with the tradeoff of lacking intracellular spatial information. Although in the last decades flow cytometry systems ...