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  • Aerosol closure study by lidar, Sun photometry, and airborne optical counters during DAMOCLES filed campaign at El Arenosillo sounding station, Spain 

    Guerrero Rascado, Juan Luis; Andrey, J.; Sicard, Michaël; Comerón Tejero, Adolfo; Pujadas Cordero, Manuel; Molero, Francisco; Rocadenbosch Burillo, Francisco; Pedrós Esteban, Roberto; Serrano-Vargas, O.; Gil Ojeda, Manuel; Olmo, F. J.; Lyamani, H.; Navas Guzmán, Francisco; Alados Arboledas, Lucas (American Geophysical Union (AGU), 2011-01-26)
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    We present a comparison of aerosol properties derived from in situ and remote sensing instruments during DAMOCLES campaign, aimed at investigating the equivalence between the instrumentation and methodologies employed by ...