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    • Effect of sandblasting on low and high-cycle fatigue behaviour after mechanical cutting of a twinning-induced plasticity steel 

      Lara, Antoni; Roca Puigvert, Mercè; Parareda, Sergi; Cuadrado Lafoz, Nuria; Calvo Muñoz, Jessica; Casellas Padró, Daniel (2018)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      In the last years, car bodies are increasingly made with new advanced high-strength steels, for both lightweighting and safety purposes. Among these new steels, high-manganese or TWIP steels exhibit a promising combination ...
    • Fatigue resistance of press hardened 22MnB5 steels 

      Parareda, Sergi; Casellas Padró, Daniel; Frómeta Gutiérrez, David; Lara, Antoni; Pujante Agudo, Jaume (2020-01-01)
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      In press hardened steels, fatigue behaviour is very sensitive to surface defects or irregularities, either intrinsic or introduced during trimming operations. This work addresses the understanding and prediction of fatigue ...
    • Identification of fracture toughness parameters to understand the fracture resistance of advanced high strength sheet steels 

      Frómeta Gutiérrez, David; Parareda, Sergi; Lara, Antoni; Molas Busquets, Sílvia; Casellas Padró, Daniel; Jonsén, P.; Calvo Muñoz, Jessica (2020-04-15)
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      The fracture toughness of four advanced high strength steel (AHSS) thin sheets is evaluated through different characterization methodologies, with the aim of identifying the most relevant toughness parameters to describe ...