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    • On-demand sensor node wake-up using solar panels and visible light communication 

      Carrascal, Carolina; Seyfettin Demirkol, Ilker; Paradells, Josep (2016-03-01)
      Open Access
      To significantly reduce, or eliminate completely, the energy waste caused by the standby (idle) mode of wireless sensor nodes, we propose a novel on-demand wake-up system, which allows the nodes to be put into sleep mode ...
    • Wake-up radio systems for cooperative-intelligent transport systems architecture 

      Casademont Serra, Jordi; López Aguilera, M. Elena; Paradells, Josep (2019)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      Cooperative-Intelligent Transport systems are new applications developed on top of communications between vehicles and between vehicles and fixed infrastructure. Their architecture envisages devices deployed along the ...