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    • Automorphic SL2-periods and the subconvexity problem for GL2xGL3 

      Pal, Aprameyo; Vera Piquero, Carlos de (2020-01-09)
      Research report
      Open Access
      We prove a new (conditional) result towards the subconvexity problem for certain automorphic L-functions for GL2xGL3. This follows from the computation of new SL2-period integrals associated with newforms f and g of even ...
    • Pullbacks of Saito-Kurokawa lifts and a central value formula for degree 6 L-series 

      Pal, Aprameyo; Vera Piquero, Carlos de (2019)
      Open Access
      We prove an explicit central value formula for a family of complex L-series of degree 6 for GL2 × GL3 which arise as factors of certain Garret–Rankin triple product L-series associated with modular forms. Our result ...