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  • Bifurcation analysis of a DC–DC bidirectional power converter operating with constant power loads 

    Cristiano, Rony; Pagano, Daniel J.; Benadero García-Morato, Luis; Ponce, Enrique (2016-04)
    Open Access
    Direct current (DC) microgrids (MGs) are an emergent option to satisfy new demands for power quality and integration of renewable resources in electrical distribution systems. This work addresses the large-signal stability ...
  • Nonlinear analysis of interconnected power converters: a case study 

    Benadero García-Morato, Luis; Cristiano, Rony; Pagano, Daniel J.; Ponce, Enrique (2015-09-01)
    Open Access
    In this paper the nonlinear dynamics of interconnected power converters in an islanded direct current (DC) microgrid is analyzed. By using a simplified scheme based on two cascaded converters we analyze the dynamical ...
  • Sliding mode control of interconnected power electronic converters in DC microgrids 

    Stramosk, Vinicius; Benadero García-Morato, Luis; Pagano, Daniel J.; Ponce, Enrique (2013)
    Conference lecture
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    In this work, a typical structure of cascaded converters present in DC microgrids is analyzed. From the control point of view, converters acting as loads add a nonlinear effect to the supply bus, caused by its constant ...