• Information Retrieval and Text Mining Technologies for Chemistry 

    Krallinger, Martin; Rabal, Obdulia; Lourenço, Anália; Oyarzabal, Julen; Valencia, Alfonso (American Chemical Society, 2017-05-05)
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    Efficient access to chemical information contained in scientific literature, patents, technical reports, or the web is a pressing need shared by researchers and patent attorneys from different chemical disciplines. Retrieval ...
  • LimTox: a web tool for applied text mining of adverse event and toxicity associations of compounds, drugs and genes 

    Cañada, Andres; Capella-Gutierrez, Salvador; Rabal, Obdulia; Oyarzabal, Julen; Valencia, Alfonso; Krallinger, Martin (Oxford University Press, 2017-05-22)
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    A considerable effort has been devoted to retrieve systematically information for genes and proteins as well as relationships between them. Despite the importance of chemical compounds and drugs as a central bio-entity in ...