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    • Consumers' expectations and liking of traditional and innovative pork products from European autochthonous pig breeds 

      Vitale, Mauro; Kallas, Zein; Rivera-Toapanta, Evelyne; Karolyi, Danijel; Marija, Cerjak; Lebret, Bénédicte; LENOIR, Herveline; Pugliese, Carolina; Aquilani, Chiara; Candek-Potokar, Marjeta; Gil, Marta; Oliver, Maria Àngels (2020-10-01)
      Open Access
      The aim of the study was to ascertain the acceptability of local pork products by European consumers (blind, expected and informed tests) considering the influence of the sensory properties, the expectations and the ...
    • Consumers’ study on traditional pork products from local breeds: expectations and hedonic evaluation 

      Lebret, Bénédicte; Kallas, Zein; Lenoir, Herveline; Perruchot, Marie Hélène; Vitale, Mauro; Oliver, Maria Àngels (2018)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      Assessing consumers’ acceptability of traditional pork products (TPP) from local pig breeds is essential to ensure sustainability of regional pork chains. As part of TREASURE project, expectations and hedonic perception ...
    • Innovative patties from Majorcan Black Pig meat: Results of a consumer study in Barcelona 

      Dilme, Jaume; Rivera-Toapanta, Evelyne; Vitale, Mauro; Kallas, Zein; Gil, Marta; Oliver, Maria Àngels (2018)
      Conference lecture
      Open Access
      The Majorcan Black Pig (MBP) is an untapped breed from Mallorca Island, in the Mediterranean Sea. The aim of the study was to innovate new, healthier products to expand demand and ensure the survival of MBP farms by ...