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    • A norm-aware multi-agent system for social simulations in a river basin 

      Gómez Sebastià, Ignasi; Oliva Felipe, Luís Javier; Cortés García, Claudio Ulises; Verdaguer, Marta; Poch Espallargas, Manel; Rodríguez Roda, Ignasi; Vázquez Salceda, Javier (Springer, 2017)
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      Wastewater management is a complex task involving a wide range of technical environmental and social factors. Furthermore, it typically requires the coordination of a heterogeneous society of actors with different goals. ...
    • Laboranova SP6: data layer 

      Andrade, Zeus; Ceccaroni, Luigi; Oliva Felipe, Luís Javier; Tejada, Arturo; Willmott, Steven Nicolás (2007-12)
      Research report
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      This document contains requirements and specifications for the data-storage layer of Laboranova’s integration architecture and for the data structure of the idea concept. This document presents technology choices for the ...
    • Reasoning about river basins: WaWO+ revisited 

      Oliva Felipe, Luís Javier; Gómez Sebastià, Ignasi; Verdaguer, M.; Sànchez-Marrè, Miquel; Poch Espallargas, Manel; Cortés García, Claudio Ulises (Elsevier, 2017-03-01)
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      This paper characterizes part of an interdisciplinary research effort on Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and tools applied to Environmental Decision-Support Systems (EDSS). WaWO+ the ontology we present here, ...