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  • A grid-enabled control plane architecture: the PHOSPHORUS approach 

    Simeonidou, Dimitra; Escalona, E.; Zervas, G.; Nejabati, R.; Spadaro, Salvatore; Binczewski, A.; Carrozzo, G.; Ciulli, N. (Optical Society of America, 2008)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    This paper presents the architecture of the Phosphorus Grid-enabled GMPLS (G2MPLS) Network Control Plane that implements the concept of Grid Network Services provisioning through a set of seamlessly integrated procedures.
  • LIGHTNESS: a function-virtualizable software defined data center network with all-optical circuit/packet switching 

    Saridis, G. M.; Peng, S.; Yan, Yan; Aguado, A.; Guo, B.; Arslan, M.; Jackson, C.; Miao, W.; Calabretta, N.; Agraz Bujan, Fernando; Spadaro, Salvatore; Bernini, G.; Ciulli, N.; Zervas, G.; Nejabati, R.; Simeonidou, D. (2016-04-01)
    Open Access
    Modern high-performance data centers are responsible for delivering a huge variety of cloud applications to the end-users, which are increasingly pushing the limits of the currently deployed computing and network infrastructure. ...