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  • Hydraulic fracture during epithelial stretching 

    Casares, Laura; Vincent, Romaric; Zalvidea, Dobryna; Campillo, Noelia; Navajas, Daniel; Arroyo Balaguer, Marino; Trepat Guixer, Xavier (2015-03-01)
    Open Access
    The origin of fracture in epithelial cell sheets subject to stretch is commonly attributed to excess tension in the cells' cytoskeleton, in the plasma membrane, or in cell-cell contacts. Here, we demonstrate that for a ...
  • Obstructive sleep apnea in a rat model: effects of anesthesia on autonomic evaluation from heart rate variability measures 

    Jané Campos, Raimon; Lázaro, Jesús; Ruiz, Puy; Gil, Eduardo; Navajas, Daniel; Farré, Ramon; Laguna, Pablo (Computing in Cardiology, 2013)
    Conference report
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    Rat model of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a realistic approach for studying physiological mechanisms involved in sleep. Rats are usually anesthetized and autonomic nervous system (ANS) could be blocked. This study aimed ...
  • Physical principles of membrane remodelling during cell mechanoadaptation 

    Casares, Laura; Elosegui Artola, Alberto; Arroyo Balaguer, Marino; Navajas, Daniel; Roca Cusachs, Pere (2015-06-01)
    Open Access
    Biological processes in any physiological environment involve changes in cell shape, which must be accommodated by their physical envelope-the bilayer membrane. However, the fundamental biophysical principles by which the ...
  • Polarized cortical tension drives zebrafish epiboly movements 

    Hernández-Vega, Amayra; Marsal, María; Pouille, Philippe-Alexandre; Tosi, Sebastien; Colombelli, Julien; Luque, Tomás; Navajas, Daniel; Pagonabarraga, Ignacio; Martín-Blanco, Enrique (EMBOpress, 2016-11-09)
    Open Access
    The principles underlying the biomechanics of morphogenesis are largely unknown. Epiboly is an essential embryonic event in which three tissues coordinate to direct the expansion of the blastoderm. How and where forces ...