• Aircraft clouds: from chemtrail pseudoscience to the science of contrails 

    Mazón Bueso, Jordi; Costa, Marcel; Pino González, David (2018-04-03)
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    The most frequent statements and arguments found in pseudoscience websites and forums supporting the existence of so-called aircraft chemtrails can be refuted with a scientific explanation of the processes resulting in the ...
  • A WRF simulation of an episode of contrails covering the entire sky 

    Mazón Bueso, Jordi; Pino González, David (2016-07-20)
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    On 21 September 2012 the entire sky was covered by contrails over the Gulf of Lyon (NW of the Mediterranean basin). These clouds were well recorded by ground observers as well as by Meteosat imagery. The atmospheric ...
  • Cloud motion estimation in seviri image sequences 

    Marcello, Javier; Eugenio, Francisco Javier; Marqués Acosta, Fernando (2009)
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    Determination of atmospheric dynamic characteristics from remote sensing imagery is fundamental in weather and climate studies. The SEVIRI radiometer, on board the MSG, with its 12 bands and 15 minutes sensing ...
  • Contrails distribution and variation in Catalonia during the last three years (2014-2016) 

    Partal Camps, M. Núria (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2017-10-30)
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    Since the industrial revolution human activities have modified the climate and the weather; for instance, creating the heat island effect due to urbanization, or increasing cloud cover. Particularly, exhausts for airplanes ...
  • Els mecanismes d'electrificació del núvol 

    Montañá Puig, Juan (Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya - Ed. Valant 2003 S.L., 2004)
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    Els mecanismes d'electrificació d'un núvol, basats en l'intercanvi de càrregues elèctriques entre partícules, avui en dia encara no són perfectament coneguts. Les teories formulades fins ara s’ocupen d’alguns dels processos ...
  • Reduction of the entrainment velocity by sedimentation in stratocumulus 

    de Lozar, Alberto; Mellado González, Juan Pedro (2017-03-01)
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    The effect of sedimentation on stratocumulus entrainment is investigated using direct numerical simulations of a cloud-top mixing layer driven by radiative and evaporative cooling. The simulations focus on the meter and ...