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    • Assessment of the delivery of citronella oil from microcapsules supported on wool fabrics 

      Maesta Bezerra, Fabricio; Lis Arias, Manuel José; García Carmona, Óscar; García Carmona, Carlos; Murilo Pereira, Moisés; Zanin, Gisella Maria; Faria Moraes, Flávio (2018-11-14)
      Open Access
      Essential oils are complex, volatile liquid mixtures that can be extracted from various parts of plants. Their main characteristics are strong fragrance and biological properties. Studying the characteristics of oils along ...
    • ß-Cyclodextrin: Disperse yellow 211 complexes improve coloristic intensity of polyamide dyed knits 

      Maesta Bezerra, Fabricio; de Carvalho Cotre, Dayane Samara; Plath, André; Beraldo Firminio, Helen; de Lima, Miliane Aparecida; Lis Arias, Manuel José; Samulewski, Rafael Block; Murilo Pereira, Moisés (2021-06-09)
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      Dyes are complex molecules that can sometimes cause damage to the aquatic environment and harm human health. They are often not completely removed from effluent by the usual treatments; therefore, efforts have been made ...