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  • Paper-based chromatic toxicity bioassay by analysis of bacterial ferricyanide reduction 

    Pujol Vila, F; Vigués Frantzen, Núria; Guerrero Navarro, A; Jimenez, S; Gomez, D; Fernandez, M; Bori Dols, Jaume; Valles Malet, Bettina; Riva Juan, Mª del Carmen; Muñoz Berbel, F. Xavier; Mas Gordi, Jordi (2016-03-03)
    Open Access
    Water quality assessment requires a continuous and strict analysis of samples to guarantee compliance with established standards. Nowadays, the increasing number of pollutants and their synergistic effects lead to the ...
  • Silicon-Chip-Based Dielectric Spectroscopy for Conductivity and Molecular Dynamics Studies of Organic Films 

    Tripathi, Pragya; Gonzalo Ruiz, Javier; Mitsari, Efstratia; Zachariah, Manesh; Romanini, Michela; Tamarit Mur, José Luis; Muñoz Berbel, F. Xavier; Macovez, Roberto (2014-07-29)
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    Interdigital electrodes fabricated by standard lithography on silicon chips are employed to probe the dipolar molecular dynamics and electric conduction properties of thin rhodamine films grown with two different methods. ...