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    • A quaternion deterministic monogenic CNN layer for contrast invariance 

      Moya Sánchez, Eduardo Ulises; Xambó Descamps, Sebastián; Salazar Colores, Sebastián; Sánchez-Pérez, Abraham; Cortés García, Claudio Ulises (Springer, 2021)
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      Deep learning (DL) is attracting considerable interest as it currently achieves remarkable performance in many branches of science and technology. However, current DL cannot guarantee capabilities of the mammalian visual ...
    • Artificial intelligence to identify retinal fundus images, quality validation, laterality evaluation, macular degeneration, and suspected glaucoma 

      Zapata Victori, Miguel Ángel; Royo Fibla, Dídac; Font, Octavi; Vela Segarra, José Ignacio; Marcantonio Santa Cruz, Ivanna Andrea; Moya Sánchez, Eduardo Ulises; Sánchez Pérez, Abraham; Garcia Gasulla, Dario; Cortés García, Claudio Ulises; Ayguadé Parra, Eduard; Labarta Mancho, Jesús José (2020-02-13)
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      Purpose: To assess the performance of deep learning algorithms for different tasks in retinal fundus images: (1) detection of retinal fundus images versus optical coherence tomography (OCT) or other images, (2) evaluation ...
    • Data augmentation for deep learning of non-mydriatic screening retinal fundus images 

      Moya Sánchez, Eduardo Ulises; Sánchez Pérez, Abraham; Zapata Victori, Miguel Ángel; Moreno, Jonatan; Garcia Gasulla, Dario; Parés, Ferran; Ayguadé Parra, Eduard; Labarta Mancho, Jesús José; Cortés García, Claudio Ulises (Springer, 2018)
      Conference report
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      Fundus image is an effective and low-cost tool to screen for common retinal diseases. At the same time, Deep Learning (DL) algorithms have been shown capable of achieving similar or even better performance accuracies than ...
    • Detection, counting, and classification of visual ganglia columns of drosophila pupae 

      Arriaga Varela, Enrique Javier; Moya Sánchez, Eduardo Ulises; Aguilar Meléndez, Armando; Castillo Reyes, Octavio; Vázquez Santacruz, Eduardo; Salazar Colores, Sebastián; Cortés García, Claudio Ulises (2019)
      Open Access
      Many neurobiologists use the fruit fly (Drosophila) as a model to study neuron interaction and neuron organization and then extrapolate this knowledge to the nature of human neurological disorders. Recently, the fluorescence ...