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    • Microstructure variations of polylactide fibres with texturing conditions 

      Cayuela Marín, Diana; Montero, Lucila A.; Díaz Rodríguez, Judith; Algaba Joaquín, Inés María; Manich Bou, Albert M. (2012-11)
      Open Access
      The characterization of the microstructure of synthetic fibres is necessary to identify changes in properties produced by differences in the production variables. To this end, two physico-chemical tests (iodine sorption ...
    • Thermal transitions of polylactide false-twist textured multifilaments determined by DSC and TMA 

      Manich Bou, Albert M.; Carilla Auguet, Josep; Miguel Lopes, Rui Alberto; Lucas Mendes, Jose; Franco, F. G. F.; Montero, Lucila A.; Cayuela Marín, Diana (2010)
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      A partially oriented melt-extruded PLA multifilament was false-twist textured to stabilize its structure. Conventional DSC analysis showed a relaxation peak at the end of glass transition. Simultaneous consideration of the ...