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    • Agrourban sustainability through rooftop greenhouses. Ecoinnovation on residual flows of energy, water and CO2 for food production 

      Rieradevall Pons, Joan; Llorach Massana, Pere; Sanjuan-Delmás, David; Sanyé Mengual, Esther; Nadal, Ana; Cuerva Contreras, Eva; Planas Rodríguez, Carla; Pons Valladares, Oriol; Josa Garcia-Tornel, Alejandro; Montero Camacho, Juan Ignacio; Muñoz, Pere; Oliver Solà, Jordi; Gabarrell Durany, Xavier; Villalba Mendez, Gara; Rovira, Maria Rosa (2014)
      Conference lecture
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    • Environmental assessment of an integrated rooftop greenhouse for food production in cities 

      Sanjuan-Delmás, David; Llorach Massana, Pere; Nadal, Ana; Ercilla-Montserrat, Mireia; Muñoz, Pere; Montero Camacho, Juan Ignacio; Josa Garcia-Tornel, Alejandro; Gabarrell Durany, Xavier; Rieradevall Pons, Joan (2018-03)
      Open Access
      Vertical farming is emerging as an effective measure to grow food in buildings and can increase food production in urban areas in a more sustainable manner. This study presents a comprehensive environmental assessment of ...