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  • Fast numerical computation of Lissajous and quasi-halo libration point trajectories 

    Mondelo, Josep Maria; Barrabés Vera, Esther; Gómez Muntané, Gerard; Ollé Torner, Mercè (2012)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    In this paper we present a methodology for the automatic generation of quasi–periodic libration point trajectories (Lissajous and quasi–halo) of the Spatial, Circular Restricted Three–Body Problem. This methodology is ...
  • HAmsys 2014 

    Ollé Torner, Mercè; Barrabés Vera, Esther; Gomez Muntane, Gerard; Mondelo, Josep Maria (2014)
    Conference report
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    In this talk we give an explanation of transport in the solar system based in dynamical systems theory. More concretely we consider (as a first approximation) different bicircular problems (i.e. Sun, Jupiter, a planet ...
  • Pseudo-heteroclinic connections between bicircular restricted four-body problems 

    Barrabés Vera, Esther; Gomez Muntané, Gerard; Mondelo, Josep Maria; Ollé Torner, Mercè (2016-10-11)
    Open Access
    In this paper, we show a mechanism to explain transport from the outer to the inner Solar system. Such a mechanism is based on dynamical systems theory. More concretely, we consider a sequence of uncoupled bicircular ...