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  • Fatigue testing and properties of hardmetals in the gigacycle range 

    Kotas, Agnieszka Betzwar; Danninger, Herbert; Weiss, Brigitte; Mingard, K.P.; Sánchez, José; Llanes Pitarch, Luis Miguel (2017-01-01)
    Open Access
    Hardmetal products are frequently fatigue loaded in service, such as e.g. cutting tools for milling or percussion drills. In the present work, the fatigue behaviour of hardmetals was investigated into the gigacycle range ...
  • Fracture and fatigue of rock bit cemented carbides: Mechanics and mechanisms of crack growth resistance under monotonic and cyclic loading 

    Torres, Y.; Tarragó Cifre, Jose María; Coureaux Mustelier, David; Tarrés, E.; Roebuck, C.; Chan, P.; James, M.; Liang, B.; Tillman, M.; Viswanadham, R.K.; Mingard, K.P.; Mestra Rodríguez, Álvaro Miguel; Llanes Pitarch, Luis Miguel (2014-07-01)
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    In an attempt to improve the material selection, design and reliability of rock bit WC-Co cemented carbides (hardmetals), an extensive and detailed study is conducted with the main goal of characterizing the fracture and ...