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    • Preferential activation by galanin 1-15 fragment of the GalR1 protomer of a GalR1-GalR2 heteroreceptor complex 

      Borroto Escuela, Dasiel Óscar; Narvaez, Manuel; Di Palma, Michael; Calvo, Feliciano; Rodríguez, David; Millón, Carmelo; Carlsson, Jens; Agnati, Luigi F.; Garriga Solé, Pere; Díaz Cabiale, Zaida; Fuxe, Kjell (2014-09-26)
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      The three cloned galanin receptors show a higher affinity for galanin than for galanin N-terminal fragments. Galanin fragment (1-15) binding sites were discovered in the rat Central Nervous System, especially in dorsal ...