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    • Micro-coagulation effects on direct ultrafiltration of challenging raw river water 

      Ferrer Mallén, Olga; Dekker, Remon; Mesa Fernandez, Jose; Martín-Alonso, Jordi; Cortina Pallás, José Luís; Gibert Agulló, Oriol (2016-12-01)
      Open Access
      Background The feasibility and competitiveness of substituting the conventional pre-treatment of drinking water treatment plants (dioxichlorination, coagulation/flocculation, settling, sand filtration) by raw river water ...
    • Pre-treatment of Llobregat River raw water through pressurised inside/out hollow fibre ultrafiltration membranes 

      Ferrer-Roca, Olga; Serrallach, Xavier; Horvath, Ferry; Mesa Fernandez, Jose; Gilbert Agullo, Oriol; Bernat Camí, Xavier (2013)
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      The feasibility of raw river direct ultrafiltration, as an alternative to conventional drinking water treatment plant pre-treatment, was investigated at prototype scale (May–October 2011). A highly variable and challenging ...