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    • Co-assembled and microfabricated bioactive membranes 

      Mendes, Ana C.; Smith, Katherine H.; Tejeda Montes, Esther; Engel López, Elisabeth; Reis, Rui L.; Azevedo, Elena S.; Mata, Álvaro (2012-09-03)
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      The fabrication of hierarchical and bioactive self-supporting membranes, which integrate physical and biomolecular elements, using a single-step process that combines molecular self-assembly with soft lithography ...
    • Development of tailored and self-mineralizing citric acid-crosslinked hydrogels for in situ bone regeneration 

      Sanchez Ferrero, Aitor; Mata, Álvaro; Mateos Timoneda, Miguel Ángel; Rodriguez Cabello, Jose Carlos; Alonso, Matilde; Planell Estany, Josep Anton; Engel López, Elisabeth (2015-11-01)
      Open Access
      Covenantee:   Universidad de Valladolid
      Bone tissue engineering demands alternatives overcoming the limitations of traditional approaches in the context of a constantly aging global population. In the present study, elastin-like recombinamers hydrogels were ...
    • Engineering membrane scaffolds with both physical and biomolecular signaling. 

      Tejeda-Montse, Esther; Smith, Katherine H.; Poch, Marta; López Bosque, Maria Jesús; Martín, Laura; Alonso, Matilde; Engel López, Elisabeth; Mata, Álvaro (2011-09-07)
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      We report on the combination of a top-down and bottom-up approach to develop thin bioactive membrane scaffolds based on functional elastin-like polymers (ELPs). Our strategy combines ELP cross-linking and assembly, and a ...