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  • Fuzzy implication functions based on powers of continuous t-norms 

    Massanet, Sebastià; Recasens Ferrés, Jorge; Torrens, Joan (2017-04-01)
    Open Access
    The modification (relaxation or intensification) of the antecedent or the consequent in a fuzzy “If, Then” conditional is an important asset for an expert in order to agree with it. The usual method to modify fuzzy ...
  • Some characterizations of T-power based implications 

    Massanet, Sebastià; Recasens Ferrés, Jorge; Torrens Serra, Joan (2019-03-15)
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    Recently, the so-called family of T-power based implications was introduced. These operators involve the use of Zadeh’s quantifiers based on powers of t-norms in its definition. Due to the fact that Zadeh’s quantifiers ...