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    • Minimally invasive in vivo human lung tissue bioimpedance measurements during the bronchoscopy procedure 

      Sánchez Terrones, Benjamín; Vandersteen, G.; Martin, I.; Castillo, David; Torrego, A.; Riu Costa, Pere Joan; Schoukens, J.; Bragós Bardia, Ramon (IEEE, 2012)
      Conference report
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      Respiratory diseases, which include diseases of the lung, pleura, bronchial tree, trachea, upper respiratory tract and of the respiratory muscles and nerves, are a common and important cause of illness and death among the ...
    • Solid-phase-assisted synthesis of targeting peptide-PEG-oligo(ethane amino)amides for receptor-mediated gene delivery 

      Martin, I.; Dohmen, C.; Mas Moruno, Carlos; Troiber, C.; Kos, P.; Schaffert, D.; Lächelt, U.; Teixidó, M.; Günther, M.; Kessler, H.; Giralt, E.; Wagner, E. (2012)
      Open Access
      Covenantee:   Technische Universität München
      In the forthcoming era of cancer gene therapy, efforts will be devoted to the development of new efficient and non-toxic gene delivery vectors. In this regard, the use of Fmoc/Boc-protected oligo(ethane amino)acids as ...