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    • A computational diffusion model to study antibody transport within reconstructed tumor microenvironments 

      Gualda Manzano, Emilio José; Marsal, Maria; Isidro, Inês; Almeida, Jaime (2020-12)
      Open Access
      Antibodies revolutionized cancer treatment over the past decades. Despite their successfully application, there are still challenges to overcome to improve efficacy, such as the heterogeneous distribution of antibodies ...
    • Autofluorescence of stingray skeletal cartilage: hyperspectral imaging as a tool for histological characterization 

      de Juan, Ana; Dean, Mason; Gualda Manzano, Emilio José; Marsal, Maria; Loza Álvarez, Pablo; Chaumel, Júlia; Gómez Sánchez, Adrián; Blumer, Michael (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2021-12)
      Open Access
      Tessellated cartilage is a distinctive composite tissue forming the bulk of the skeleton of cartilaginous fishes (e.g. sharks and rays), built from unmineralized cartilage covered at the surface by a thin layer of mineralized ...
    • High-throughput live imaging using Light Sheet Microscopy 

      Gualda Manzano, Emilio José; Bernardello, Matteo; Marsal, Maria; Loza Álvarez, Pablo (2020)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      We have developed a compact, multi-modal lightsheet microscope platform where different kind of experiments may be addressed with a single equipment. We will evaluate the performance of the Flexi-SPIM platform and its ...
    • Human CASPR2 antibodies reversibly alter memory and the CASPR2 protein complex 

      Joubert, Bastien; Petit-Pedrol, Mar; Planagumà, Jesús; Mannara, Francesco; Radosevic, Marija; Marsal, Maria; Maudes, Estibaliz; García-Serra, Anna; Aguilar, Esther; Andrés-Bilbé, Alba; Gasull, Xavier; Loza-Alvarez, Pablo; Sabater, Lidia; Rosenfeld, Myrna R.; Dalmau, Josep (Wiley, 2022-03-07)
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      Objective The encephalitis associated with antibodies against contactin-associated protein-like 2 (CASPR2) is presumably antibody-mediated but the antibody effects and whether they cause behavioral alterations are not ...
    • Light-sheet fluorescence microscopy for the in vivo study of microtubule dynamics in the zebrafish embryo 

      Bernardello, Matteo; Marsal, Maria; Gualda Manzano, Emilio José; Loza Álvarez, Pablo (2021-10-01)
      Open Access
      During its first hours of development, the zebrafish embryo presents a large microtubule array in the yolk region, essential for its development. Despite of its size and dynamic behavior, this network has been studied only ...