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    • IgCaller for reconstructing immunoglobulin gene rearrangements and oncogenic translocations from whole-genome sequencing in lymphoid neoplasms 

      Nadeu, Ferran; Mas-de-les-Valls, Rut; Navarro, Alba; Royo, Romina; Martín, Silvia; Villamor, Neus; Suárez-Cisneros, Helena; Mares, Rosó; Lu, Junyan; Enjuanes, Anna; Rivas-Delgado, Alfredo; Aymerich, Marta; Baumann, Tycho; Colomer, Dolors; Delgado, Julio; Morin, Ryan D.; Zenz, Thorsten; Puente, Xose S.; Campbell, Peter J.; Beà, Sílvia; Maura, Francesco; Campo, Elías (Springer Nature, 2020-07)
      Open Access
      Immunoglobulin (Ig) gene rearrangements and oncogenic translocations are routinely assessed during the characterization of B cell neoplasms and stratification of patients with distinct clinical and biological features, ...