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    • 1D and 3D analysis of anchorage in naturally corroded specimens 

      Fernández Pérez, Ignacio; Tahershamsi, Mohamed; Marí Bernat, Antonio Ricardo; Bairán García, Jesús Miguel; Lundgren, Karin; Hanjari, Kamyab Zandi; Plos, Mario (Université Laval, 2014)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      Corrosion of reinforcement causes cracking and spalling of concrete cover which affects the bond; this is a crucial factor in deterioration of concrete structures. Earlier, tests have been carried out on specimens with ...
    • Pull-out of textile reinforcement in concrete 

      Williams Portal, Natalie; Fernández Pérez, Ignasi; Nyholm Thrane, Lars; Lundgren, Karin (2014-11-30)
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      Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC) has emerged as a promising novel alternative offering corrosion resistance and both thinner and light-weight structures. Although TRC has been extensively researched, the formalization of ...