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  • Implementing a BGP-free ISP core with LISP 

    Coras, Florin-Tudorel; Saucez, Damien; Lorand, Jakab; Cabellos Aparicio, Alberto; Domingo Pascual, Jordi (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2012)
    Conference report
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    The sustained growth of the global routing table is exerting an economical strain on ISPs by requiring untimely router upgrades. Notably, it has been speculated that the growth rate of router FIBs is surpassing that of its ...
  • LISP-MN: mobile networking through LISP 

    Rodríguez Natal, Alberto; Lorand, Jakab; Portoles Comeras, Marc; Ermagan, Vina; Natarajan, Preethi; Maino, Fabio; Meyer, David; Cabellos Aparicio, Alberto (2013-05)
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    ThecurrentInternetarchitecturewasnotdesignedtoeasilyaccommodatemobil- ity because IP addresses are used both to identify and locate hosts. The Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP) decouples them by considering ...
  • Programmable overlays via OpenOverlayRouter 

    Rodríguez Natal, Alberto; Paillise, Jordi; Coras, Florin-Tudorel; López Brescó, Albert; Lorand, Jakab; Portoles Comeras, Marc; Natarajan, Preethi; Meyer, David; Farinacci, Dino; Maino, Fabio; Cabellos Aparicio, Alberto; Ermagan, Vina (2017-06-01)
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    Among the different options to instantiate overlays, the Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) [7] has gained significant traction among industry and academia [5], [6], [8]–[11], [14], [15]. Interestingly, LISP offers a ...