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    • Capturing small asteroids into a Sun-Earth Lagrangian point 

      Lladó, Neus; Ren, Yuan; Masdemont Soler, Josep; Gómez Muntané, Gerard (2014-02-01)
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      In this paper we address the feasibility of capturing small Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs) into the vicinity of the Sun-Earth L-2 libration point using a continuous-thrust propulsion system assumed to be attached to the ...
    • Capturing small asteroids into Sun-Earth Lagrangian points for mining purposes 

      Lladó, Neus; Ren, Yuan; Masdemont Soler, Josep; Gomez Muntaner, Gerard (2012)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      The aim of this paper is to study the capture of small Near Earth Objects (NEOs) into the Sun-Earth L2 using low-thrust propulsion for mining or science purposes. As it is well known, the vicinity of these points is inside ...