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  • Bioinformatics and medicine in the era of deep learning 

    Bacciu, Davide; Lisboa, Paulo J G; Martín, José David; Stoean, Ruxandra; Vellido Alcacena, Alfredo (, 2018)
    Conference report
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    Many of the current scientific advances in the life sciences have their origin in the intensive use of data for knowledge discovery. In no area this is so clear as in bioinformatics, led by technological breakthroughs in ...
  • Discriminant convex non-negative matrix factorization for the classification of human brain tumours 

    Vilamala Muñoz, Albert; Lisboa, Paulo J G; Ortega Martorell, Sandra; Vellido Alcacena, Alfredo (2013-10-15)
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    The medical analysis of human brain tumours commonly relies on indirect measurements. Among these, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and spectroscopy (MRS) predominate in clinical settings as tools for diagnostic assistance. ...
  • Physics and machine learning: Emerging paradigms 

    Martín Guerrero, José; Lisboa, Paulo J G; Vellido Alcacena, Alfredo (, 2016)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Current research in Machine Learning (ML) combines the study of variations on well-established methods with cutting-edge breakthroughs based on completely new approaches. Among the latter, emerging paradigms from Physics ...
  • Studying embedded human EEG dynamics using generative topographic mapping 

    Vellido Alcacena, Alfredo; El-Deredy, W.; Lisboa, Paulo J G (2004-02)
    External research report
    Open Access
    A method has recently been proposed [1] to extract multiple signal source information from single-channel electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings. A dynamical systems approach is used to analyze the resulting EEG time series, ...